Me shopping: *would Kanye let Kim wear this??*


E town is playing on valentines day and I super wanna go but all my friends have dumb bfs so I won’t have anyone to go with.

Vomit. Puke. Die.

I always see people posting things like “describe me in three words” well idc what you think so I’ll describe myself in three words: Real, Fierce, Bitch. Not only does that also make a perfect sentence of who I am but each word perfectly describes me.

Real because that’s exactly what I am. I will always and forever keep it real because I see know point in dealing with nonsense.

Fierce because whether it’s the way I dress/look or whether it’s describing my personality but I try to always be on point and fabulous. And last but Absofuckinglutely not least,

Bitch. Now, some people may think that’s a negative terms but I don’t, I come off very strong in every way so naturally if I don’t approve of you, the things you have to say or even the things you do I’ll say something. I always speak my opinion and I rarely ever believe my opinion is wrong so I usually come off rather bitchy. And also, people say I have a “bitch face” or whatever but nah, it’s probably because you said or did something I think it’s wack and I don’t hide emotion well so yeah…I’m probably throwing shade facially.


im all about having more body posi media but not when the message is “boys like curvy girls” because who fucking cares what boys like

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